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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Suggestions for Next Steps
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 11:21:11 GMT

I think in Incubator Musings we have a good first cut at a "process 
description" for Incubation.  This is a non-normative reference that I 
think could be put on the web site, subject to everyone being 
comfortable with the contents.

On top of that, we need to try to put a concrete plan together around 
developing the actual policy documentation (i.e. normative reference). 
This would be based on the process description above, but would be more 

So the following is a suggested way forward, placed here to start an 
argumen^H^H^H^H^H^H^H so we can reach a consensus :>.  Treat as a stake 
in the ground and tear to shreds.

1.  Create a forrest xml source for the Incubation Musings and place 
onto web site.  This will require an OK from who?  (PMC?)

If people are comfortable I will do the conversion and send to this list 
as a patch.

2.  Create a table of contents for the policy reference document.  This 
can be started on Wiki (and I will do a first cut over the next few 
days), but I think we are getting to a point where this stuff should be 
going into CVS somewhere so we can start tracking more formally. 
Probably the first thing in the policy reference should be rules for 
modifying the policy. :>.

Is there a module where the policy documentation can go?  Maybe create 
an "incubator-policy" module (or is this overkill?)  I do not believe it 
is incubator-site, as you might want to restrict access to policy more 
than site docs (which are editable by all projects in incubation I 
think?), but I leave to you guys.

My thinking is that all mods would be done in CVS after agreement on 
this list (or another - see below).  Every now and then, at an agreed 
time, we would tag the CVS as a defined version and publish to the web site.

3.  Do we want to create an "incubator-policy" list so that only those 
who want to need to see the detailed arguments.  I'm actually for this, 
as I can see this getting fairly detailed at times, which is not what a 
"general@" list is supposed to be for.  Happy to be shouted down though.

4.  The draft charter for the incubator project should be updated to 
reflect the thoughts of the last few days.  I think this should also at 
some point soon go into CVS so that it can be tracked, leading at some 
point in the short to medium term to a vote by the PMC.


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