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From Ted Leung <>
Subject Re: roles and responsibilities
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:31:30 GMT

On 9/22/2003 1:27 PM, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>>+1.   I don't think that we need have multiple people fufill all these
>>roles.  If the sponsor/shepherd/mentor is going to be a member of the
>>incubator PMC (see 1 above), then they ought to be trusted to follow the
>>incubator guidlines (once they exist).  Do we really need this much
>>check and balance?
>Seems so, but that's why in my mind I invest the "Sponsor" and "Mentor" role
>in the same person, and the "Shephard" is the check and balance, to use your
>term.  How much a check and balance depends upon the Sponsor/Mentor.  If
>that person is really doing a great job, the Shephard's job is easier.  If
>the Sponsor/Mentor needs a bit of help, perhaps because of inexperience
>incubating projects, the Shephard needs to step in a bit more.  Incubating
>the Sponsor/Mentor, if you will.  But always providing oversight.
Okay, I think I see your point -- this is necessary for a sponsoring 
member who hasn't incubated a project before.   So who's my Shepherd?

>That scales better.  The Sponsor/Mentor is an interested party in the
>success of the project.  The Shephard is an Incubator PMC member experienced
>in incubation issues.  That separation also matches what I understand from
>Nicola Ken and others.  Ken's comment about the Incubator PMC being composed
>of "a set of passionate asf people who are essentially in agreement about
>what makes something a genuine 'apache'-style project" still holds true.
>I agree with Ken's concern about a PMC being a "Sponsor", but I think I
>addressed that in earlier comments about a Member or Officer (e.g., the PMC
>Chair) being the Sponsor, and that one can delegate tasks, but not
>responsibility.  My "tweak" doesn't accept the idea of an "absentee" Sponsor
>waiting for the podling to grow up.
If a PMC is going to be a "Sponsor", they should cough up a Member to do 
that work.  If a Member from that PMC isn't willing to step up, then 
they don't have a sponsor.  That's what I'm doing for XMLBeans.


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