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From Ted Leung <>
Subject Re: roles and responsibilities
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 18:51:21 GMT

On 9/22/2003 5:39 AM, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

>Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>>  1) how do people get on the incubation PMC? any committer? only 
>>members? members and officials? everybody committer that previously has 
>>a record of helping incubation? just curious of what feelings are.
>another good question.  i agree with roy that anyone with an official
>role vis-a-vis a current podling should be on the pmc.

>>  3) shouldn't the sponsor PMC provide periodical updates on the status 
>>to the incubator?
>let's make sure we're agreed on terminology here.  so far, the terms
>'sponsor', 'shepherd', and 'mentor' have been conflated.  my view is
>that the latter two are the same and refer to a single individual, and
>that a sponsor is either that same person or the asf project that has
>said 'the podling has a home here when it's done.'
+1.   I don't think that we need have multiple people fufill all these 
roles.  If the sponsor/shepherd/mentor is going to be a member of the 
incubator PMC (see 1 above), then they ought to be trusted to follow the 
incubator guidlines (once they exist).  Do we really need this much 
check and balance?

>i am very much *not* in favour of a *pmc* fulfilling any other role than
>that.  the most significant drawback is the apathy effect and lack of
>clear delineation of responsibility.  'someone else' will handle doing
>whatever needs to be done.  no, thank you.
>my view is that a podling will have a single individual from the asf
>who has committed to bringing it through incubation.  this person is
>the one who nags the podling about filling out clas, doing the licence
>and copyright thing and such, and advises the podling community about
>how to adapt to the asf way of doing things (meritocracy, voting, et
>cetera).  this individual also has the responsibility of keeping the
>incubator pmc informed of progress and issues, and likewise is the
>official conduit for bringing concerns and suggestions from the incubator
>to the podling community.
>what's the role of the incubator pmc in this?  at the least, it's a set
>of passionate asf people who are essentially in agreement about what
>makes something a genuine 'apache'-style project, who review the
>reports of the mentors and make suggestions and eventually vote on
>whether the podling has become self-sustaining in the 'apache way' of
>doing things.  in a more perfect world, the pmc members will involve
>themselve more deeply than that in at least some of the podlings, so
>they can observe at first hand, possibly providing guidance at first
>hand (though preferably through the mentor).
>what's the role of a 'sponsoring pmc' in this?  solely as an observer
>until the podling graduates.
>what's the role of a sponsoring project in this?  to help out, to whatever
>degree they severally desire, in educating their soon-to-be neighbours
>in specific details about the sponsoring project itself.
>and that's what my thoughts are at this point in tim
+1 to all of this.

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