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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: ASF member role - accountable to whom
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 12:51:20 GMT

>> ... and, to whom is the ASF Member accountable?
>In all contexts, to himself/herself, but if you mean in terms of ASF related
>behavior, that would be governed by our Bylaws and policies.  To imply that
>ASF Members are not accountable would be a horrid stretch.

I am specific asking this in the context of the incubator policies.  If 
I understand correctly, the policies require project sponsorship by a 
member and from what member only sheparding. While parhaps with best 
intent - it is excluding non-members from sponsorship and sheparding of 
new projects.  Given a policy that equates to an exclusion of Apache 
contributors - they needs to be some form of accountability by members 
towards non-members on matters concerning incubation.



Stephen J. McConnell

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