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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: XNode 1.1 API submission
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 23:20:34 GMT
Aleksander Slominski wrote:
 > Murray Altheim wrote:
 >> Hi all,
 >> This is a proposal for a metadata API for use in Xindice, though it can
 >> be used more generally for adding an XML metadata wrapper around an XML
 >> node. In short, it's SOAP-like, but *actually* simple.
 >> Brian suggested I join this list and make the proposal here. I've
 >> included
 >> my initial message below, unedited. (I've still not heard at all from
 >> Sun.)
 >> Anyway, I'm wondering what is the easiest, lowest-pain way to approach
 >> getting XNode 1.1 submitted to the Apache project. I'm under no IPR
 >> commitments at the Open University (I checked), so I can freely fill
 >> out whatever forms are necessary. If people want it, I can post the
 >> API javadocs or send them to interested parties. It's pretty small,
 >> 7 files, 9K compressed.
 > hi Murray,
 > please send it to me - if it is open source send me also source code or
 > pointer where it is available (or previous version is available).
 > i think have similar API - one of its goal is also to make processing of
 > SOAP headers described as infoset much easier - the API is translating
 > XML Infoset constructs into Java interfaces (like XmlElement) and is
 > available as part of MXP1/XPP3 (it as open source ).
 > i would like to better understand what problem you solve and how
 > approaches are different.


Because there seems to be some issue about the license, I'm probably
safer (we're all probably safer) if you don't have access to the code
itself yet. I'll go ahead and create the javadocs for the latest version
and post them online. I'll send a message to this list as soon as I'm
done, probably in a day or so. If you haven't heard from me by Saturday,
send me a reminder. If there seems to be some consensus on licensing,
I'll go ahead and make the code available (i.e., it's probably not a
good idea to distribute something with an Apache package name and an
Apache license without first getting approval from ASF).

Thanks for your interest,


Murray Altheim               
Knowledge Media Institute
The Open University, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK7 6AA, UK                    .

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