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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: The incubator and Poland
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 03:02:27 GMT
> From: "Andrew C. Oliver" <>

> So we're yack yacking about the incubator (again).  The incubator AFAICT
> replicated a tricameral vote.  To release you must have:
> 1. A PMC vote to accept it
> 2. The committers of the project vote that they're ready to leave
> 3. The incubator PMC vote to let them out.

I think the "Release" being discussed is around
releasing a version of the software being produced
by the Podling.  Formally I think there is only
one vote required - that of the Incubator PMC,
although I would guess the committers would need
to be comfortable and might want to formalise that
in a vote.  But I don't believe the Incubation
process is mandating it.

For leaving the Incubator, my understanding is
that the only vote being mandated (within the
incubation process) is the Incubator PMC.  If
the receiving entity requires a vote, then yes,
they will need to do it.  I don't believe the 
board *can* accept something as a TLP without a
formal vote.


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