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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: Another cut at roles and responsibilities
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

> From: Stephen McConnell <>

> 1.  Entities (Board, Parent, Incubator PMC) should not assigned actional
>     responsibilities - only decision responsibility.  Actional reposibility
>     should be assigned to roles that are represented by accountable
>     individuals.  There were a couple of places in the document that
>     needed to be tightened up in this respect.

Personally Not sure I fully agree with this,
having seen XMLBeans.  If the XML Project wants
to have the Incubator take on something on its
behalf, then there is a two way accountability.  I
fully believe that the XML Project has to take
some accountability for assisting the podling.
That accountability (in the case of XMLBeans) is
discharged by the Shepherd, who is a member of the
XML PMC, but can call on others in the XML project
for assistance at any time.

Otherwise this is throwing all the responsibility
back on a couple of people.  To me the whole
Apache concept is about community, so lets
demonstrate what that means to the podlings.

If Ted stops doing his role as Shepherd, then I
would see it as the responsibility of the XML
project to step in and find someone else.

> My impression is that we are actually aiming towards the same thing but 
> that what you thinking of as Sheperd is what I'm thinking of as 
> Sponsor.  There are a few other little things but I thought it best to 
> get these two items clarified first.

I think you are correct, that we are heading to
the same end, but I think it important to 
separate the sponsor of the original proposal
away from the incubation.

There are people who are visionaries.  "I can see
why this is a great project and why it will be
a good fit for Apache".  They can help a
candidate "sell" a proposal to Apache.  Are they
necessarily the best person to help a project
through Incubation?  Not so sure.  To me, that's
what the very notion of a shepherd is - someone
who guards and protects the flock.  A shepherd
is not necessarily a great sponsor.  (Might be,
but I believe it's useful to split the two apart.)


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