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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: XMLBeans website
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 23:13:18 GMT
On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 02:10:03PM -0700, David Remy wrote:
> I am getting close to having a revised XMLBeans website using Forrest
> ready for publication.  I have a few questions that I am hoping someone
> will know about.  
> 1) I am thinking of having the website as a top level directory under
> xml-xmlbeans in cvs (a peer to v1 and soon v2).  It looks like other
> projects have their website in their source tree, is that common
> practice?

Yes, most projects have the 'source' for their documentation (XML) in the
source tree, and then the actual rendered HTML/PDF documentation in the
separate 'xml-site' CVS module.

> 2) Given the above, I am able to generate the website using forrest and
> it creates the build directory containing the published website on my
> machine.  What is the strategy for getting the website generated into

That's where the xml-site module comes in.  The contents of build/site/
should be imported into xml-site/targets/xmlbeans/.  Then login to and 'cvs checkout' those files to

> Do I just copy the build directory somewhere or is there a more elegant
> way?  Is there an automated way to have the website generated from the
> Forrest source?  That is what ForrestBot is for, right?  I'm not clear
> on how to set that up.

The website needs to be periodically updated from CVS (xml-site module).
I think Berin Lautenbach has established a cron job to update XML sites,
so all you need to do in future is render the docs and update

As xml-site contains the whole website, it can be a real
PITA to update for people on modem connections.  Forrestbot is a service
which automates the render and commit part of the process.  I can set it
up for xmlbeans once the XML is checked into CVS.

> 3) There is some nice html formatted documentation that would be great
> to have integrated with the site.  Does anyone know if there is a way
> to have Forrest integrate html pages into the Forrest site build?  Or
> at least a good way for them to co-exist?

If HTML content is put in src/documentation/ (not
src/documentation/xdocs), it will be copied through unmodified.

Alternatively, if you want to have the regular Forrest site menus grafted
onto the HTML, you could give them a .ehtml extension and drop them
somewhere in src/documentation/content/xdocs/.  Only contents below the
<body> tag will be used.  Also, if your HTML uses CSS, a bit of custom
tweaking may be needed.

There are examples of both these techniques in the Forrest 'seed' site
(type 'forrest seed site' in a clean directory to demonstrate).



(lurking Forrest committer and forrestbot perpetrator;)

> thanks for any help here!
> rem

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