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From "Siva" <>
Subject Re: Regarding joining in Apache J2EE efforts
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 05:14:32 GMT

From: "Sridhar Kunisetty" <>
> I have a lot of respect for the J2EE efforts
> by Apache and I would be interested in joining
> such an effort. I could contribute a few hours
> every week.

Welcome Sridhar.You should subscribe to the and start
reading the wiki pages at (Our old wiki) (The shiny new wiki)

> The fol. are is a brief summary of my experience/skills:
> * Education: M.S in Computer Science and Engg.
>              B.S in Computer Science and Engg.
> * 10+ years of software design and development experience.
> * 4 years of Java and 3 years of J2EE experience.
>   I have also done a lot of programming using C/C++.
> * Good experience in database systems, database
>   access, JDBC, Oracle, etc.
> * My work experience include working for 4+ years
>   at Oracle Corporation and 3 years at Commerce One.
> * I initially worked as a Software Engineer.
>   Later, I worked in the capacity of a Project Manager,
>   Project Lead, Architect.
> Let me know if you would like to see my resume.
> Also, I would like to know the kind of work you
> have and the time-frames.

Resume wont be required sridhar.Just have a look at the exiting
in wiki and participate in the list.As you start understanding the system,
dive in to any of the areas,which fascinates you and start contributing.

All the best

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