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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Why solve a problem that doesn't exist?
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 19:13:18 GMT

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Jack Frosch wrote:

> Open source projects typically solve a problem not addressed by
> commercial vendors, even if the problem is just the price being charged
> for the commercial solution. Yet we already have a very popular,
> open-source J2EE container in JBoss.
> Why must people's egos get in the way of common sense in our business as
> in so many?  Like Microsoft, it appears that just wants to
> control everything - and that's just such a lamentable motivation,
> whether held by Microsoft or
> How about swallowing your pride, giving up your aspirations of
> controlling every popular, open-source, significant project, and just
> embrace JBoss with support, MBean development, etc.?
> Frankly, I'm just dismayed by the Geronimo project and the pettiness of
> the egos driving

First, I'm nothing to do with Geronimo or an official Apache member. I am
however a JBoss user:

My guess is that it is due to legal positions. Apache cannot work with
LGPL/GPL derived work due to the nature of those licences.

JBoss are a for-profit organisation and don't seem to be becoming a
J2EE-licenced server. So the leading 'free-software' option is not
available to anyone who believes in standards.

Apache are a non-profit, and an 'open-source-software', and can make a
J2EE-licenced server happen. There is also the belief that diversity
improves products.

It shows that Apache aren't trying to control things as they're happy to
re-use existing products with open-source licences.


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