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Subject Re: *REMINDER* last call for july newsletter
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 13:46:03 GMT

The one thing the newsletter needs, I think, is a blurb
about Geronimo. I'm not associated with that project, 
otherwise I'd offer to write something. 

Perhaps these lines from the Geronimo page in the incubator:

    Apache Geronimo is a new effort coordinated by the Apache
    Software Foundation to make a J2EE compatible container. Please
    read the <a 

    that started the project in the incubator. 
    For more information, please read the latest snapshot of the


Ken Kress                           
SAS, The Bank of New York                            484.605.4834

Tetsuya Kitahata <>
08/08/2003 12:46 AM
Please respond to general

        Subject:        *REMINDER* last call for july newsletter

This is a last call for additions for the july newsletter.
(The Apache Newsletter -- Issue 1 --
There's still time to add articles about your favorite apache-incubator
(and apache-incubator related) products to the wiki page.

The editorial deadline will be 00:00 (PDT), 9th August.
# 07:00 GMT, 9th August

If you have a hesitation in writing the article using Apachewiki,
please directly write it and let me know. I'll upload it and pick
it up as an article in the next newsletter.

Anticipating nice blurb :-)


-- Tetsuya Kitahata (

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