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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: please setup Geronimo CVS
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 18:59:20 GMT
On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 08:06:06AM +0100, James Strachan wrote:
> There's a new project starting at the Incubator and we'd like a CVS 
> repository setup please. I've attached the project proposal below.
> CVS repository name: geronimo
> Initial committer list (of existing Apache committers):
> 	geirm
> 	jstrachan

I've created a new cvs module: incubator-geronimo. The module is group-owned
by 'incubator'.

Other incubator modules are named incubator-*, or <PMC>-*. Since Geronimo
does not yet have a PMC, it cannot use a simple "geronimo" for its module
name. For now, the incubator is responsible for the code; thus, the naming.

Initial committers are: geirm, jstrachan, ceki, gstein, jim

We cannot add anybody else until we hear from Jim that we've received their
CLAs. (altho, I don't see jstrachan in foundation/clas.txt...)

I have also set up /home/cvspublic/incubator-geronimo so that the module is
available for browsing via ViewCVS.

Note that we'll be renaming the module at some point in the future (it can't
continue forever as incubator-geronimo). At that time, we can also rename it
to match its final project name (whether that remains "geronimo" or not).


-- ... ASF Chairman ...

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