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From Robert Bergelin <>
Subject Geronimo - project pages?
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 14:48:35 GMT
Great stuff!!
This project Geronimo is what I have been dreaming of
(nightmares including jboss-airheads and .net)!
Seriously, we (developers who are leeching opensource
stuff, to make a living) really want this project and
with it a place to read news and post comments, a lá
theserverside, but with focus on serios stuff, i.e not
fleurys latest escapades, or reports on how good
performance you get from .net. WE NEED COMMUNITY
NEWS(incl. J2EE) WITH *CRED*!! Fire up that as fast as possible with slashcode
or smthng.

I don't expect you to answer this letter, but being
short of a place to write down my thoughts, I'll
settle for this rant/spam. Sorry.

Again, Thanks for the Geronimo project!! I love you


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