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From J Aaron Farr <>
Subject Re: [geronimo] Core Service Framework (Was: RE: Names & Projects)
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 16:18:45 GMT
Quoting James Strachan <>:

> On Wednesday, August 6, 2003, at 04:34  pm, J Aaron Farr wrote:
> > Quoting James Strachan <>:
> >
> >> To be certified Geronimo needs to fully support JMX. So the current
> >> plan is to follow the Tomcat 5 & JBoss ideas to use MBeans to
> register
> >> & wire the services together. Whatever component model or libraries
> a
> >> particular service wishes to use is up to it I suppose, it shouldn't
> >> really affect the core container.
> >>
> >
> > So geronimo will be built on top of Tomcat 5?
> Not quite - it'll use JMX & JNDI to bind services into the core 
> container (J2EE certified remember). Tomcat 4/5 will be one of those 
> services that plugs into Geronimo along with things like Jetty, tyrex, 
> openjms etc.

so the core container will be code developed from scratch within geronimo?  or
will it just an mbean server from mx4j?

Not to rant too much on the subject, but Avalon's containers (ie- Phoenix,
Merlin and Fortress) are designed to do just this.  JMX support exists and
there's been some work done on proper JNDI support.  You can already run Tomcat,
Jetty, OpenJMS and a host of other services within Avalon as it stands now.  

> > It seems a shame that we have an "Apache Server Framework" that will 
> > not be used
> > in the "Apache J2EE" implementation, at least at the container level.
> Avalon could be used inside a service. Or indeed an Avalon container 
> could be deployed inside Geronimo as a service too.
> Though I'm not yet sure of the value of Avalon inside the core EJB / 
> JMX container (which is the first thing to do)- which is already itself
> a specialized kind of container. If you want Avalon to be used, I'd 
> focus on the services that we'll use inside Geronimo.  e.g. Tomcat - 
> try get them to use Avalon & see if it makes sense to them. Avalon's 
> not gonna suit everyone and every use case.
> Remember there are a lot of different 'services frameworks' such as 
> JMX, Avalon, PicoContainer, Java Beans etc. The only one we absolutely 
> must support is JMX - so we'll focus on that first. However I see no 
> reason why Geronimo cannot have other kinds of containers dropped in as
> services (Avalon, PicoContainer or whatever). From Geronmio's 
> perspective its just a bunch of MBeans.
> James
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