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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: [geronimo] Core Service Framework (Was: RE: Names & Projects)
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 15:45:48 GMT

On Wednesday, August 6, 2003, at 04:34  pm, J Aaron Farr wrote:

> Quoting James Strachan <>:
>> To be certified Geronimo needs to fully support JMX. So the current
>> plan is to follow the Tomcat 5 & JBoss ideas to use MBeans to register
>> & wire the services together. Whatever component model or libraries a
>> particular service wishes to use is up to it I suppose, it shouldn't
>> really affect the core container.
> So geronimo will be built on top of Tomcat 5?

Not quite - it'll use JMX & JNDI to bind services into the core 
container (J2EE certified remember). Tomcat 4/5 will be one of those 
services that plugs into Geronimo along with things like Jetty, tyrex, 
openjms etc.

> It seems a shame that we have an "Apache Server Framework" that will 
> not be used
> in the "Apache J2EE" implementation, at least at the container level.

Avalon could be used inside a service. Or indeed an Avalon container 
could be deployed inside Geronimo as a service too.

Though I'm not yet sure of the value of Avalon inside the core EJB / 
JMX container (which is the first thing to do)- which is already itself 
a specialized kind of container. If you want Avalon to be used, I'd 
focus on the services that we'll use inside Geronimo.  e.g. Tomcat - 
try get them to use Avalon & see if it makes sense to them. Avalon's 
not gonna suit everyone and every use case.

Remember there are a lot of different 'services frameworks' such as 
JMX, Avalon, PicoContainer, Java Beans etc. The only one we absolutely 
must support is JMX - so we'll focus on that first. However I see no 
reason why Geronimo cannot have other kinds of containers dropped in as 
services (Avalon, PicoContainer or whatever). From Geronmio's 
perspective its just a bunch of MBeans.


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