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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject RE: Vote for XMLBeans proposal
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 07:55:04 GMT
Thanks to all of you for the many offers to help us get things 
started with XMLBeans.  It sounds like it might be easier for everyone
if we now pick one project that we believe would be the best fit for
XMLBeans.  From talking with a few committers,  I think we are leaning
towards the XML project, but I would like verify that with each of the
others.  I should be able to confirm this preference in the next 12-16

Thanks again to everyone for being so willing to help make this work.

BTW, I'll be at OSCON all week, if anyone would like to discuss any 
issues further.


On Sunday, July 06, 2003 7:57 AM, Aleksander Slominski wrote:

> Subject: Re: Vote for XMLBeans proposal
> Berin Lautenbach wrote:
>> Ted Leung wrote:
>>> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>>>> If XML.Apache is willing, as it seems, to cater for this project,
>>>> I'll wait for a vote from them, an ACK from the Bea guys, and
>>>> start preparing the hatcher :-) 
>>> I'm happy to invest some time in helping XMLBean get throught the
>>> incubator -- speaking with my XML PMC and ASF member hat on.
>> The idea of moving XMLBeans to incubation under the XML project and
>> with the assistance of Ted gets a +1 from me with some caveats :
>> 1. Current XMLBeans committers need to be comfortable with this
>> resting with the XML project in the first instance. Note that I would
>> hope that the umbrella project could be changed prior to exit from
>> incubation if the feeling from the committers was that it should be.
>> If the initial preference is Jakarta then please indicate! I'm
>> definitely not trying to push a line here, and it's easy to switch
>> the vote over to the Jakarta PMC :>.
>> 2. Committer issues that have previously been discussed will need to
>> be worked through during incubation (although that's really what
>> incubation is about :>). 
>> +/- from other XML PMC members welcome.
>> Further discussion also welcome!
> hi,
> based on what I have seen when looking on XMLBeans source code and
> (limited) design documentation I beleive that this project is very
> interesting and useful for Web Services so I have CCed general@ws
> mailing list too.
> It seems that BEA folks are willing to solve all remaining problems
> and I think that it would be good if this project quickly gained more
> mementum and I am willing to help with it (even though I am not Apache
> XML commiter)
> thanks,
> alek

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