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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject RE: Issues with XMLBeans proposal
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 18:22:15 GMT
On Thursday, July 03, 2003 11:01 AM, Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

> So what in this ensures this will be a community-developed project
> and not just an Apache branded extension of BEA?  I really would like
> to see you guys involved in Apache, but not in a way the compromises
> Apache.  There is a challenge that limits the excitement of others in
> that there are so many other similar projects that do exactly the
> same thing.  Perhaps it would benefit the effort if you explained why
> we needed another one.  That has no bearing on its suitability but it
> might make people more interested who wouldn't be otherwise.

As Santiago points out, the veto rule provides some protection over
pure majority, but I don't think anyone here wants to rely on that.  
All I can tell you is that BEA is more concerned about establishing a
long term relationship with Apache and other open source communities
than controlling the future development of XMLBeans.  From our 
perspective, we have much more to gain by proving ourselves as credible
and positive contributors to open source, especially since we would 
like XMLBeans to be the first in a series of open source contributions.
If the BEA committers attempt to make decisions against the wishes of
the rest of the community and are viewed negatively for doing so, we
have absolutely failed in what we set out to do.

See my response to Howard's questions for more on how the project
differs technically from other open source projects.


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