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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Some sparse nots about changes to the incubation process
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 07:23:10 GMT
On 10/07/2003 8:59 Paul Hammant wrote:

> Nicola,

>> Nope.
>> @see
>> No Incubator logo, no mailing lists, no 
>> reference to the incubation status.
> I stand corrected.

Isn't <cite href="">Apache Lenya is a 
Cocoon subproject under incubation.</cite> a fair enough reference? I 
don't get the core of the problem anymore. While I agree upon the 
concept of an Incubator, if its main functions are actually carried out 
by the receiving PMC, I wonder what all the fuzz of mentioning the 
Incubator is about.

I think the value proposition of the Incubator should be more directed 
at the receiving PMC and the Foundation, and less at the incubating 
project. The incubating project primarily interacts with the receiving 
PMC, which can call upon help to the Incubator. This is about the same 
way new folks and projects interact with Infrastructure, which requires 
the PMC to be informed of infrastructure requests. The PMC is the 
facilitator, and checks whether people actually get an answer. Or that 
should be the theory, IMHO.

>> > No need for vote?
>> These are sparse notes, not a VOTE, man. ;-)
> Other before me voted :-)

That wasn't a vote, but fractional enthusiasm. :-)

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