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From Steven Noels <>
Subject [vote] XMLBeans to enter XML incubation [was: Re: Vote for XMLBeans proposal in the XML Project (was RE: Vote for XMLBeans proposal)]
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 10:16:39 GMT
On 8/07/2003 9:29 Cliff Schmidt wrote:

> On behalf of the other committers, I would like to ask the XML PMC to 
> consider accepting XMLBeans into the XML project.  We expect to address
> any remaining concerns that the community has during the incubation 
> period.

Dear committers,

as outlined in the charter (section 6.2), and in 
collaboration with the Incubator 

Subject to:

  - relicensing of the XMLBeans codebase using the ASL 1.1 license 
  - copyright transfer from BEA to the ASF as described in [1]
  - each initial XMLBeans committer sending in a Contributor's License 
  - furthermore, I would strongly suggest the XMLBeans code should only 
be moved into Apache CVS once the outstanding LGPL & BEA-licensed code 
dependency issues have been resolved.

Please cast your vote on the acceptance of the XMLBeans project for 
incubation in the XML.Apache project:

----------- vote ballot ----------

   Name: ________________

   [  ]  I agree with and support this proposal (+1)
   [  ]  Indifference (-1 < x < +1)
   [  ]  I object and suggest a way to address my reservations (-1)


----------- 8< ----------- 8< ----------- 8< -----------

If the outcome of this vote is positive and CLA forms are collected, 
work can start on creating the necessary infrastructure resources. I'm 
on holiday from the 12th until the 26th of July and won't be able to 
help out coordination-wise, but here's a quick list of the top of my head:

  - collection and creation of initial committer accounts, using the 
following template:


  Subject: Apache account requests for XMLBeans project incubation

  <repeat times="number of committers">
    Full name:                ...
    Preferred userid:         ...
    Forwarding email address: ...
    Unix group:               xml

  - creation of xml-xmlbeans CVS module
      - also configure in ViewCVS
      - commit mails ->
      - add initial committers to the avail list

  - mailing lists:
      - .qmail-xml-xmlbeans-cvs forward to

  - list archiving:
      - mbox ->
      - Eyebrowse setup

  - Bugzilla project creation and set up of notification mails

  - grant some committers access to xml-site module for website content

  - setup automated checkout of xml-site/targets/xml-beans on daedalus 
for website (or give someone access to daedalus for manual website 

  - send a big thank you to infrastructure@

That's about all I can think of ATM.


[1] IIRC, there was a form for this as well, but I cannot locate it anymore

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