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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Some sparse notes about changes to the incubation process
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 09:31:43 GMT
On 8/07/2003 11:13 Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> 4. Making the incubating project have it's own CVS module is a terrible 
> idea. It gives the incubating project and the new users the idea that 
> the project is already a full-apache project. This is the same problem 
> that had arised on Avalon, where projects that were really sandbox code 
> started appearing in the main excalibur CVS, making users use them as 
> they were properly released, which was not true.
> All incubating projects therefore should reside in the incubator module.
> I'd also propose that all committers of the sponsoring PMC can have 
> access to it, as well as all the committers from other incubating 
> projects (so they can eventually lend a hand in need).

> 6. Making a separate mailing list right from the start that is in the 
> final destination address is again IMHO not a good idea. I would propose 
> that all incubating projects start de-facto on the 
> ML, and eventually migrate to 

-1: Providing isolated resources makes it much easier to zap stuff upon 
incubation failure. Also, if both -user, -dev, and -cvs mails 
originating from several incubating projects would be aggregated onto a 
single set of incubation- lists, I'm pretty sure people would be very 
quickly annoyed.

Other than that: enthusiastic +0.75.

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