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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <>
Subject Re: Proposal for Lenya
Date Sat, 22 Feb 2003 15:25:24 GMT
"Steven Noels" <> wrote ...
> I hope some of my points are not considered FUD but genuine concerns. I
> didn't happen to extensively comment on the other proposals going
> through incubation lately, since they weren't in the domain I'm working
> in, or have a particular interest in, nor would they eventually lead to
> sub-project creation inside a project of which I'm part of the PMC.

not at all, thanks for bringing them up. there are certainly weak
parts in the proposal, and we are glad for feedback so that we can make
a better case :)

for instance, there was a discussion whether refactoring should happen
before we move the code to apache. our initial plan was to submit the
code to apache when it reaches 1.0. we are currently cleaning up the
codebase to make it more consistent, and hopefully easier to get into
for others. (avoiding ridicule over some of the code plays a role too :))

the refactoring wont be too extensive, and we are trying not to hard code
the future direction (to learn from the xindice example). maybe we should
call it spit and polish, but refactoring definitely sounded better on
the roadmap :)

> I hope, and will try to commit myself, to make sure this experiment will
> not fail at the cost of the Lenya project itself ([1] for a
> light-hearted comment on related matters). I'm therefore volunteering to
> be one of the sponsors.

very much appreciated, steven.

> > Moreover, nobody in the forrest community is interested in making
> > forrest a full content management system.
> That's a bold and incorrect statement. Why am I here, commenting on
> Lenya? :-)

note to self: install forrest next week, and try to import it into lenya :)


Gregor J. Rothfuss         
CMS conferences, interop, advocacy, projects

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