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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: OpenSAML VOTE Results (was Re: [VOTE] Accept OpenSAML as part of Web Services )
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 12:53:24 GMT
+1 - very well said.

> Please don't overgeneralize.
> I don't believe that SOAP or WSDL or JAX RPC are legal mine fields. 
> Every few months or so, however, a conspiracy theory shows up on 
> Slashdot or the Register or ScriptingNews that IBM or Microsoft or RSA 
> or whoever is undermining web services with patents.
> I very much want Apache to be a safe haven from this.  To put this 
> another way, I want people to be able to come to Apache without 
> concern for putting their own Intellectual Property at risk.
> Once we muddy the waters, people will feel that they will have to 
> scrutinize everything from Apache more carefully as they can't trust 
> us to police ourselves.
> What can we do?  We can say yes to projects which aren't encumbered by 
> such restrictions and no to projects which are.  Hopefully, this will 
> get some to change, and perhaps in other cases we will find safer 
> alternatives.
> - Sam Ruby
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