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From Scott Cantor <>
Subject RE: OpenSAML VOTE Results (was Re: [VOTE] Accept OpenSAML as part of Web Services )
Date Sat, 22 Feb 2003 22:43:37 GMT
> Humm..  I'll read it again but thats not what I got out of it.  It 
> seemed to say that licenses will be available for the 
> endusers and that we must inform them.

Yes. And that license is supposed to be royalty free. Thus, I have no idea how that leads
to Apache being a development subsidiary
of RSA. RSA gets one thing out of it, aside from a lot of wasted paperwork...more people using
SAML. So, the issue for me is solely
what they decide to do in the future.

> That is a problem as well, however my problem is that it requires 
> endusers to acquire an additional license.

Ok. As long as it's clear that it's not a royalty-based license, that's all I'm attempting
to clarify.

-- Scott

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