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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: The Incubator site
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 23:21:55 GMT

Another thing that I have suggested before is .... create an repo like 
jakarta-site which has all the latest uptodate jars. Make sure that you are 
going to retain backwards compatability and then publish it's existence.

Then others can rely on this single repo to build their stuff rather than 
every joe checking in binaries to their own CVS. It was one of the key 
features that got me to dump all our cocoon based docs and move to anakia.

On Sun, 27 Oct 2002 10:04, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> ccing to Forrest as an info.
> Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> > Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> >>Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> >>>i'm looking forward to learning forrest.
> >>>
> >>:-D
> >
> > i tried it while i was waiting for my car to be inspected, but i couldn't
> > build it -- the cvs head has a dependency on being online and able to
> > reach
> >
> :-(
> Ok Forrest guys, I've had enough! ;-)
> It's the third time in an afternoon that I have recieved similar
> problems, and feature requests.
> We *must* ensure that these difficulties won't happen again, and
> remember that many new users we will have from now on don't usually work
> with or like Java (I'm not talkin about you Ken, it's the others that
> complained ;-)
> Jeff et all, from me you have all the support to:
>   * remove what is left of the old Centipede inside Forrest
>   * remove the need to download from an outer site
>   * put all needed in CVS, put the latest Ant
>   * make a 0.3 dist
>   * make a build script as outlined in another mail
>   * and basically do all you think is needed to make Forrest *totally*
> self contained.
> If you don't hear complaints from others (I think you won't ;-), go
> ahead :-)


Peter Donald
Murphy's law - "Anything that can go wrong, will." 
(Actually, this is Finagle's law, which in itself 
shows that Finagle was right.)

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