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From Keegan Witt <>
Subject GMavenPlus 1.10.0 Released
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2020 04:53:50 GMT


   - Change default GroovyDoc jar artifact type to javadoc, so its
   extension gets set to "jar" by the artifact handler
   instead of "groovydoc" by the default handler logic
   which uses the type for the extension in the case of unknown types (#151

Potentially breaking changesGroovyDoc jars and test GroovyDoc jars will now
be of type "javadoc" and have extension "jar".  Rather than type and
extension "groovydoc".  If you do not wish to transition to this new
behavior, set the new artifactType or testArtifactType property to
"groovydoc" to revert to the previous behavior.
NotesWhile the artifact type of GroovyDoc jars has changed, the Maven
classifier has not.  It remains "groovydoc", and you can still override
that, just as before.

*Getting help / reporting bugs*

As usual, let me know of any bugs you encounter either on our user mailing
list <>, GitHub issues
<>, or Slack


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