On 27/6/20 8:24am, MG wrote:
A quick survey: Who on this mailing list works on or knows of a project where Groovy is the main language of development, i.e. it is not used as "just" a script or DSL language in addition to e.g. Java ?
If possible name the company/country/project and give some impression of the size of the project (lines of code, # of people working on it, etc), timeframe of development, and whether it is os or commercial (or both) G-)

Thanks in advance,

ish onCourse (www.ish.com.au) started using Groovy as a scripting language about 8 years ago and has since been slowly migrating code from Java to Groovy across the application. About 200,000 LOC I'd guess. Commercial student management application used by private colleges and universities, with plans to open source soonish.

Groovy is just so much more readable and traits make for much nicer separation of code than anything we can do in Java.

Ari Maniatis