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From Alessio Stalla <>
Subject Re: What projects use Groovy as its main development language ?
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2020 07:15:43 GMT
Projects built with Portofino ( all use
Groovy as their main implementation language (alongside
JavaScript/TypeScript and maybe some Java).
I've worked on several such projects, but they're all closed-source. A
couple of publicly accessible ones are two applications that we (my former
employer) did for the local University. One is a platform for running
online recruitment procedures (,
the other, which is Italian only I think, is a platform to match
high-school students with work experiences at the University (
They're both a few years old and built with Portofino 4 and (I think)
Groovy 2.4. So they're MVC web applications.
We've since released Portofino 5 that is REST +  Angular instead of MVC,
but it hasn't gained much traction so far.

On Thu, 2 Jul 2020 at 08:32, Kostas Saidis <> wrote:

> Groovy has been my language of choice for some time now (replacing Java)
> and I use it extensively in as many projects as I can.
> The two most significant ones are the following.
> 1. Groovy lies at the heart and soul of the Clyze packaging tool for
> Android apps (; the Clyze core contains about 25K SLOC of
> Groovy.
> The tool aims to make the management of ProGuard / R8 configurations as
> easy as possible for Android teams and it is currently in an early
> access state (we have only announced it on local groups here in Greece,
> so it is really coming to life as we speak). We have been developing it
> at the PLaST lab of the University of Athens for some time now, where I
> provide service as a visiting lecturer in Software Engineering, while
> the whole Clyze effort is lead by Yannis Smaragdakis (the lab director,
> Professor @ UoA and a well-known PL -and especially static analysis-
> researcher in top-notch events like SPLASH, PLDI, etc). BTW, if you' re
> into Android, we currently look forward to collecting as much feedback
> as possible for the tool, so feel free to experiment with it and contact
> me for any comments, thoughts or insights!
> 2. Groovy drives the back-end of Butterfly, the digital repository
> product we have developed at Niovity, a company that offers digital
> library / institutional repository solutions, mainly. Butterfly contains
> about 40K SLOC of Groovy.
> Cheers,
> Kostas
> On 27/6/2020 1:24 π.μ., MG wrote:
> > A quick survey: Who on this mailing list works on or knows of a
> > project where Groovy is the main language of development, i.e. it is
> > not used as "just" a script or DSL language in addition to e.g. Java ?
> > If possible name the company/country/project and give some impression
> > of the size of the project (lines of code, # of people working on it,
> > etc), timeframe of development, and whether it is os or commercial (or
> > both) G-)
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > cheers,
> > mg
> >
> >
> >

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