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From Kostas Saidis <>
Subject Re: What projects use Groovy as its main development language ?
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2020 06:31:53 GMT
Groovy has been my language of choice for some time now (replacing Java) 
and I use it extensively in as many projects as I can.

The two most significant ones are the following.

1. Groovy lies at the heart and soul of the Clyze packaging tool for 
Android apps (; the Clyze core contains about 25K SLOC of Groovy.
The tool aims to make the management of ProGuard / R8 configurations as 
easy as possible for Android teams and it is currently in an early 
access state (we have only announced it on local groups here in Greece, 
so it is really coming to life as we speak). We have been developing it 
at the PLaST lab of the University of Athens for some time now, where I 
provide service as a visiting lecturer in Software Engineering, while 
the whole Clyze effort is lead by Yannis Smaragdakis (the lab director, 
Professor @ UoA and a well-known PL -and especially static analysis- 
researcher in top-notch events like SPLASH, PLDI, etc). BTW, if you' re 
into Android, we currently look forward to collecting as much feedback 
as possible for the tool, so feel free to experiment with it and contact 
me for any comments, thoughts or insights!

2. Groovy drives the back-end of Butterfly, the digital repository 
product we have developed at Niovity, a company that offers digital 
library / institutional repository solutions, mainly. Butterfly contains 
about 40K SLOC of Groovy.


On 27/6/2020 1:24 π.μ., MG wrote:
> A quick survey: Who on this mailing list works on or knows of a 
> project where Groovy is the main language of development, i.e. it is 
> not used as "just" a script or DSL language in addition to e.g. Java ?
> If possible name the company/country/project and give some impression 
> of the size of the project (lines of code, # of people working on it, 
> etc), timeframe of development, and whether it is os or commercial (or 
> both) G-)
> Thanks in advance,
> cheers,
> mg

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