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From Keegan Witt <>
Subject GMavenPlus 1.9.0 Released
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2020 21:11:34 GMT
GMavenPlus 1.9.0 has been released.  As mentioned in the release notes
<>, this release


   - Support for Java 14 (#152
   - Support for Java 15 (#153
   <>) (will be available in
   Groovy 3.0.3).
   - Add skipBytecodeCheck property and parameter, so if a Java version
   comes out the plugin doesn't recognize, you can use it without having to
   wait for an update.
   - Use *groovy.ant.AntBuilder* instead of *groovy.util.AntBuilder* (if

Potentially breaking changes

   - maven.groovydoc.skip property was renamed to skipGroovydoc so it
   matches the pattern of the other properties and won't seem to imply it's a
   property for a standard Maven plugin.
   - Using *groovy.ant.AntBuilder* instead of *groovy.util.AntBuilder*
   (when available on classpath).
   - Bundling Ant *1.10.7* instead of *1.10.5*.
   - Bundling Ivy *2.5.0* instead of *2.4.0*.


   - Now officially requires Java 7 instead of 6. This is not a breaking
   change, however, since this was actually already required because of
   plexus-classworlds. This just wasn't discovered until an enforcer rule was
   added to check bytecode versions of dependencies.

*Getting help / reporting bugs*

As usual, let me know of any bugs you encounter either on our user mailing
list <>, GitHub issues
<>, or Slack


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