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From Alberto Lepe <>
Subject In Groovy 3, about 80 new extension methods were added. Where can I find the complete list?
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2020 02:20:45 GMT
According to Groovy 3.0 release notes: (

"Groovy adds many extension methods to existing Java classes. In Groovy 3,
about 80 new such extension methods were added. We highlight just a few
here: ..."

I need the complete list of such new methods that didn't exists in 2.5.x
branch. Where I can find it (Google is not helping me :/ )?

Motivation: I developed a groovy extension library ( with methods that I often use
which Groovy doesn't have. I'm about to update it to use Groovy 3.0.3, but
I would like to remove any method that is already implemented in Groovy.


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