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From Tommy Svensson <>
Subject Re: Warning from JDK 11 in Groovy 3.0.0-beta-3
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2019 13:22:01 GMT
Hello Daniel,

I knew there would be more work for me! :-) 

I did as you suggested, and filed a JIRA issue with a full stacktrace:


Från: Daniel.Sun <>
Svara: <>
Datum: 28 september 2019 at 00:08:17
Till: <>
Ämne:  Re: Warning from JDK 11 in Groovy 3.0.0-beta-3  

Hi Tommy,  

Please run your program with JVM option `--illegal-access=debug` added,  
then more detail warning message will be shown. Also, it would be good to  
submit a JIRA issue and attach a standalone runnable sample code, which can  
help us to verify whether our fix works or not.  

At last, thanks for your reporting the issue ;-)  


Apache Groovy committer & PMC member  
Twitter: @daniel_sun  

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