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From Ralph Johnson <>
Subject puzzling error message in Groovy 2.5.7
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2019 16:34:27 GMT
I recently moved a large codebase to Groovy 2.5.7.   I use Eclipse as my
programming environment.     The system mostly works, but I get a strange
error that puzzles me.  One of my Groovy classes (PropertyDefinition) seems
to generate a type-checking error, except that it seems that Eclipse is
complaining about nothing and the program runs fine.

Eclipse shows an error-marker at the top of the file but does NOT show an
error in the project browser or give me a warning when I launch the
program.  The error-marker shows that the type-checker crashed, it does not
complain about any particular line.   The message associated with the
error-marker is

General error during instruction selection: Failed to initialize members
for type com.metaficient.core.objectmodel.PropertyDefinition
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to initialize members for type

 com.metaficient.core.objectmodel.PropertyDefinition at



and so on for many lines.   This gets called by Groovy's
StaticTypeCheckingVisitor, which in turn is invoked by Eclipse.  A number
of files (a small percent of the whole) give the same error message,
including complaining about PropertyDefinition in the first line.

I have set @CompileStatic and if I comment out that line, the error message
goes away.   But I want it to be compiled statically!

How would I figure out what is causing this?   I assume it is both a bug in
the Groovy compiler (because it is not giving a property error message) and
something I am doing wrong that is triggering the bug.

Also, the system is running about ten times slower than I expected.   I
wonder whether this bug is causing parts of the system to turn off
@CompileStatic even though I declared it.   Does that seem likely?   If so,
it is very important for me to fix this problem.

-Ralph Johnson

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