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From Herrendorf Johannes <>
Subject Static imports seem to win over a method in closure's delegate
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2019 14:05:55 GMT
Hi Groovy users,

I’m currently building a DSL in groovy and found some strange behaviour
I have no explanation for: If a method pointer with name "myMethod" is 
imported as static import and a closure has a delegate with a method 
"myMethod" and it's delegation strategy is set to "DELEGATION_ONLY", the 
imported method is always called inside the closure - the delegate 
property seems to be ignored.

Code sample (with the same explanation at the lines where the "strange" 
behaviour occurs):

package mailinglist
// This static import "overrides" the delegation to myMethod inside the
// closure specified in ClosureDelegate: The call myMethod("GoodMorning") is
// dispatched to SomeOtherClass.myMethod instead of ClosureDelegate.myMethod
import static mailinglist.SomeOtherClass.myMethod

class MainClass {

    static def closureStuff(Closure someClosure) {
        ClosureDelegate spec = new ClosureDelegate()
        def rehydratedClosure = someClosure.rehydrate(spec, spec, spec)
        rehydratedClosure.resolveStrategy = Closure.DELEGATE_ONLY

    public static void main(String[] args) {
	    // dispatched to SomeOtherClass.myMethod; correct
        myMethod "Hello" 
        closureStuff {
            // dispatched to SomeOtherClass.myMethod, but I expected that
			// it's dispatched to ClosureDelegate.myMethod instead
            myMethod "Good Morning"         

class ClosureDelegate {
    def myMethod(def param){
        println("Inside ClosureDelegate. Called myMethod with '$param'")

// ======================================================================

package mailinglist
class SomeOtherClass {
    public static def myMethod = SomeOtherClass.&myBackingMethodThatsNotPublic
    private static myBackingMethodThatsNotPublic(def args) {
        println("Inside myBackingMethodThatsNotPublic. Called with argument '$args'")

Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks for your help in advance!

Johannes Herrendorf
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