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From MG <>
Subject Become a Groovy Ant GA-)
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2019 15:37:05 GMT
Hi Groovy users,

I have recently decided to back the "Friends of Apache Groovy" Patreon

on the lowest ($5) level.

Here is why: It was clear to me that backing it on the $100 level did 
not feel compatible with our family income (and in turn the Missus ;-) 
), and that my max conceivable level would be in the $50 area. There are 
individuals that back at both these levels, and while I am grateful for 
that, I do not expect that a large number of people will do so. I also 
felt slightly intimitated by their willingness to invest so much money 
every month into a single open source project: Given that I pay 14 EUR 
per month for Netflix for my whole family, or 15 EUR for all of us for 
Spotify, or give 10 EUR per month to the WWF, or 3 EUR to avaaz, at 
least to me it felt slightly off.

So I am calling for everyone to become a Groovy Ant, spread the word, 
and fund this great language on a level that does not personally hurt, 
so that it might live long and prosper GA-)


PS: Alas Patreon does not support backing on a regular basis through 
Paypal, which also threw me off at first (they claim technical 
difficulties). If you prefer to use Paypal, you might consider donating 
$50 for the year (2 months off ;-) ).

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