(PS: Sorry, just saw the dev post and immediately replied to that...)

Am 08.01.2019 um 22:35 schrieb MG:
Hi Daniel,

totally agree, great initiative, all for it.
I would hope a lot of the many Groovy users would give a little, than it should be easy to get some solid base funding for Groovy.
To the Elders of Groovy: Unless you have some serious concerns, please don't overthink/overoptimize this and let's just go ahead with it :-)


Am 08.01.2019 um 03:55 schrieb 孙 岚:
Hi all,

      As we all know, Groovy is lack of sponsorship and slows down its steps since Pivotal stopped sponsoring in 2014. Groovy needs more resources to complete big features and fix hard issues, e.g. MOP2, async/await, Refining generics of STC, Supporting Java11+ fully without warnings, etc. 

      I propose to create open collective for Groovy programming language, which can help Groovy Community to collect money to sponsor developing Groovy. Even if the collected money is very few every year, something is better than nothing! 

      Here are 2 steps to create open collective for Groovy(as the following snapshots show).  "OSC will assist in managing the funds of the Fund; it will collect the income and will pay and disburse the net income and principal for purposes of the Project as specifically set forth in the Protocols."(SEE the details in attachment 1) 

      As groovy/groovy-core is not my personal project, so I am requesting permission from you before I create open collective. To be frank, I am not sure whether it conforms to the Apache policy, so I send the email as a Groovy enthusiast(not a Apache committer) via my own hotmail(not the apache mail). I wish we could create open collective for Groovy programming language in the name of Groovy Community.

      FYI, many open source projects have created open collective, e.g.
1,  babel: https://opencollective.com/babel
2,  asciidoctor: https://opencollective.com/asciidoctor
3,  jhipster: https://opencollective.com/generator-jhipster
4,  vuejs: https://opencollective.com/vuejs
5,  mochajs: https://opencollective.com/mochajs

      Any thoughts?


Steps to create open collective for Groovy


(Terms & Conditions details can be found in the attachments of this email)