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From MG <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL]About creating open collective for Groovy programming language in the name of Groovy Community
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2019 21:35:40 GMT
Hi Daniel,

totally agree, great initiative, all for it.
I would hope a lot of the many Groovy users would give a little, than it 
should be easy to get some solid base funding for Groovy.
To the Elders of Groovy: Unless you have some serious concerns, please 
don't overthink/overoptimize this and let's just go ahead with it :-)


Am 08.01.2019 um 03:55 schrieb 孙 岚:
> Hi all,
>       As we all know, Groovy is lack of sponsorship and slows down its 
> steps since Pivotal stopped sponsoring in 2014. Groovy needs more 
> resources to complete big features and fix hard issues, e.g. MOP2, 
> async/await, Refining generics of STC, Supporting Java11+ fully 
> without warnings, etc.
>       I propose to create open collective for Groovy programming 
> language, which can help Groovy Community to collect money to sponsor 
> developing Groovy. Even if the collected money is very few every year, 
> something is better than nothing!
>       Here are 2 steps to create open collective for Groovy(as the 
> following snapshots show).  "_*OSC* will assist in managing the funds 
> of the Fund_; it will collect the income and will pay and disburse the 
> net income and principal for purposes of the Project as specifically 
> set forth in the Protocols."(SEE the details in attachment 1)
>       As _groovy/groovy-core_ is not my personal project, so I am 
> requesting permission from you before I create open collective. To be 
> frank, I am not sure whether it conforms to the Apache policy, so I 
> send the email as a _Groovy enthusiast_(not a Apache committer) via my 
> own hotmail(not the apache mail). I wish we could create open 
> collective for _Groovy programming language_ in the name of _Groovy 
> Community_.
>       FYI, many open source projects have created open collective, e.g.
> 1,  babel:
> 2, asciidoctor:
> 3, jhipster:
> 4, vuejs:
> 5,  mochajs:
>       Any thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Daniel.Sun
> *Steps to create open collective for Groovy*
> (_Terms & Conditions_ details can be found in the attachments of this 
> email)

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