I have an odd issue with method closures. I’m on Groovy 2.4.12 in dynamic mode and I’m trying to transform data to a map for a webservice. I don’t know if I’m using wrong syntax or if it’s a Groovy bug.


This line of code results in MissingMethodException:

response.pa.opportunityQuotes       = pa.opportunityQuotes.collect(this.&mapOpportunityQuote)


pa.opportunityQuotes returns List<Quote> and mapOpportunityQuote is an instance method taking a Quote and returning a Map. The method containing above line is in AbstractPAService but at runtime “this” is a Service class extends AbstractPAService. The MissingMethodException says there’s no Service.mapOpportunityQuote method, which is technically true as the method is on AbstractPAService. Whether mapOpportunityQuote is protected or private does not matter.


This line of code does work, which makes me think I hit a Groovy bug and not something in my code:


response.pa.opportunityQuotes       = pa.opportunityQuotes.collect { ((AbstractPAService) owner).mapOpportunityQuote(it) }


The usage of owner and downcasting it to AbstractPAService should be redundant.


I want the MethodClosure created by this.&mapOpportunityQuote to resolve the method on AbstractPAService class, not on Service class that extends it. Although, I’m confused why making mapOpportunityQuote protected did not workaround the issue.


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