Am 19.07.2018 um 17:25 schrieb Bernhard Donaubauer:
I think about replacing an old xml-rpc service written in perl with groovy.

I'm late but I want to thank you for your efforts and insights.

Russel Winder wrote:
Personally I have used Go, and Python+Flask for this sort of thing and
they work very well.

Go seems an interesting tool. There was recently a tutorial in the german IT magazine Ix. The whole thing is toward simplicity - straight forward. No runtime like jetty, tomcat, python, ... is needed. Could be an alternative here and an entry point to the golang world.

Jacques Le Roux <>

And there are CVEs pending :

Other TLPs might be affected, I guess Archiva has been picked because being the 1st in alphabetical order...

This is a pure in house service so I guess the mentioned vulnerabilities are not so crucial. I mean if somebody has entered our network and is able to start an denial of service attack to this service we have much lager problem than one not responding service.

MG <> wrote:
What we have found is, that oftentimes the best approach - if something is not covered by the core Groovy libraries already - is to pick the best/supported/maintained Java library, and develop your own Groovy wrapper as you go along. This is what we did with Vaadin (works like a charm), and are now planning to do for Apache LDAP.

Cool. I always found Vaadin interesting but never took the time to really learn it. Perhaps I'll try the new version 10.

MG <> wrote:
(Generally speaking, in modern software development especially the web 
development domain to me seems to suffer from an overabundance of "this 
is the /absolute /right way to do things !" - until a newer/hipper/... 
(or simply different ?-) ) approach comes along the next year...; 

That's quite the way I feel. Every quarter there is at least one new programming languageĀ  and/or java script framework.