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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: About the groovy code style
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2018 16:16:09 GMT
On 04.07.2018 20:40, Paul King wrote:
> Existing rule: if the set of tokens parsed when an end of line is 
> reached doesn't make a complete expression/statement, continue reading 
> tokens as if the EOL wasn't there.
> There are exceptions, e.g. we currently don't allow single quote and 
> single double quoted strings to span multiple lines but the list is short.
> What are your new rules and new list of exceptions?

I think it is important to have simple and consistent set of rules and 
as such I reconsidered my comment and say that for the sake of 
completeness to allow something like:


(or take an example with +), which follows this rule should be 
supported, even if that means supporting

import fooo.

or the example with --. I think it should not necessarily be our task to 
prevent people from writing ugly looking code. For that I would like to 
have a secondary tool.

Thank you for reminding.

bye Jochen

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