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From Paul King <>
Subject Groovy 2.5.1 planning
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2018 06:37:32 GMT
Hi everyone,

Even though I still have plenty of bugs on my "would like to fix before
next release" list,
I'd like to release a 2.5.1 fairly soon. This is mostly to do with 2.5.0
inadvertently breaking
our OSGi support [1] but also based on usability feedback I have moved
Groovy's recently
introduced JAXB extension methods into their own optional module [2]. This
is a breaking
change in that anyone using those extension methods will now need to add
the groovy-jaxb
dependency into their build if they were previously relying on getting it
from the groovy-all
"fat" pom. Given that it was only introduced in 2.5.0, the number of
affected users should
be small. But the upside is that most users won't need to worry about using
'--add-modules javax.xml.bind' or similar dependency tweaks when running on
to fix up the planned breakage introduced by those JDK versions.

Feedback welcome.


cheers, Paul.

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