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From Blake McBride <>
Subject Re: New webapp development kit using Groovy
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2018 16:23:25 GMT
Hi Edmond,

I have done a number of web-based business applications over the years
(e.g.,, ) and through it, a system began
to emerge.  Having written other development tools over the years (e.g.
Dynace <>, APLUtils
<> ), I decided to tease out "the
system", document it, and put it out there.  I do a lot of development, and
this gives me a good starting point, and a good development environment.  I
thought I'd share.

I hadn't heard of your platform.  I'll definitely take a look.

There is a UI component to Kiss, but that's not its focus.  Really, it has
most of what I need except a grid control, and that's easy to find.  Having
30+ years in development, I have some good background experiences.  I've
looked at some of the tools out there and found them to be big on the
whiz-bang but very short on the meat and potatoes.  The need to solve real
problems and my inability to find a satisfactory solution led me to Kiss.

I suppose the "advanced facilities" would be the microservice architecture
and the fact that you can create your own HTML tags/elements, as well as
the fact that you can control the browser cache.  The microservices means
that you can add, change, and delete web services without rebooting your
web server.  Changes take affect immediately.  Creating your own HTML tags
means that you can easily encapsulate and re-use common UI elements.  And
having control over the browser cache means that you can be assured that
your users are using the latest code while still taking maximal advantage
of browser cache when the code hasn't changed.


Blake McBride

On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 8:57 AM Edmond Kemokai <> wrote:

> Hi Blake,
> This is intriguing, what prompted you to create it? are you using it for
> any projects?
> At Codesolvent (, our platform which uses Groovy in a
> somewhat related way via JSR-228, tackles similar problems.
> Is there any sort of UI IDE component to this? You mentioned " advanced
> development facilities ".

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