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From Paul King <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Groovy 2.6 potential retirement to focus on Groovy 3.0
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2018 18:17:15 GMT
On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 5:11 PM, David Dawson <> wrote:

> I would vote 2.
> Actually, i would vote 3) abandon 2.6 immediately.

We identified a few major things that were broken in the previous alpha
release of
2.6 but only due to trivial packaging issues, hence the plan to do one more

Also, Jesper identified a few things that can easily be aligned from 3.0 in
a very short period of time. I am happy to wait for his thumbs up before

I am also keen on releasing another alpha of 3.0 at the same time as the
2.6 alpha.
I believe that will make our life easier when answering future
support-oriented questions
about 2.6 on the mailing list going forward.

So, doing one more alpha release of 2.6 has minimal impact on 3.0 timing
and leaves
us in as clean a state as can be hoped for when retiring a previously
planned branch.

Cheers, Paul.

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