Looks to me like stage is a method or a closure that takes 2 args. The first is a string, the second is a closure.


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Date: Friday, May 25, 2018 at 6:35 AM
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Subject: Help with Groovy syntax


I'm 4 days old new to Groovy. I bought a book, but I just want to learn what this syntax mean for today.


We use Groovy to run a Jenkins file in our Jenkins build. One stage has these statements in it.


    def mainScmDetails

    stage("Checkout") {

        mainScmDetails = checkout scm

        dir("some-dir") {

            git url: 'git@domain.com/path/project.git', credentialsId: 'some_creds', branch: 'develop'




Does this define a code block named mainScmDetails? Does the statement...

mainScmDetails = checkout scm

...call two functions, namely, checkout and scm?