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From Chris Fouts <>
Subject Help with docker calls in Groovy
Date Tue, 29 May 2018 18:25:19 GMT
 I days old with Groovy so please bear with me. I bought a Groovy book but
this subject is of course not discussed in it.

We use a Jenkins file to set up stages, and we have this stage

def demoImage
stage("Build ECS Docker Image") {

         dir('demo') {

            docker.withRegistry("https://${dockerUrl}", ecrCredentialsId) {

              demoImage ="${dockerUrl}/some-name-



I assume demoImage contains some image information, like the image ID that
I need for later? How do I get the image ID from demoImage? Where would
this be documented online? I googled, but I don't necessarily how to look
what I'm looking for.


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