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From "Kerridge, Jon" <>
Subject RE: New release of JCSP - (part of GPars) and groovyJCSP
Date Thu, 31 May 2018 15:06:26 GMT

I have yet to create a version of the library that is compiled for anything other than groovy-2.4.12
and jdk8.
The former because in other work I am doing I cannot use any version above groovy2.4.12 due
to a bug I found.  JDK 8 because I am lazy and waiting for JDK 11 before doing any further
recompilations in preparation for teaching!!

With regard your last point putting it onto Maven Central: I have never used that repo, putting
it onto jcenter has taken a lot of effort because I was getting to grips with gradle and intellij
as well.  Send me a hint or a web page that tells me how to do it please!!

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From: Russel Winder <>
Sent: 31 May 2018 15:16
To: Kerridge, Jon <>;; GPars Developers
Subject: Re: New release of JCSP - (part of GPars) and groovyJCSP

On Thu, 2018-05-31 at 10:44 +0000, Kerridge, Jon wrote:
> The JCSP library (Communicating Sequential Processes for Java) is now
> available from the jcentre repository as follows:
> compile 'cspforjava:jcsp:1.1.0'
> The associated Github location is
> .


This is great news, my hacked org.codehaus.jcsp:jcsp:1.1-rc-5 from
2010-08-07 can now be properly forgotten. I'll test out using
cspforjava:jcsp:1.1.0 on a build of GPars 2.0 with Groovy 3 and JDK 10.

I wonder if the JCenter artefact should be copied over to Maven Central?


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