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From MG <>
Subject Java-syntax-in-Groovy Warnings
Date Sat, 05 May 2018 17:23:31 GMT
Hi Jochen,

I have put your concerns about subjective/annoying SPAM warnings (which 
I share) into the "Warnings in Groovy" issue I created 
Using errors is evidently not possible in this case, and using an 
external "code style" checking tool would not fulfill my intended 
purpose due to its non-mandatory nature. The same goes for a Go-like 
"code formatter tool", for which I think we also do not have the the 
resources to create it (even though that would be nice).

Most importantly: You would never see any of these warnings in any case, 
because why would you use Java- instead of Groovy-syntax in your code ?-)


On 01.05.2018 17:20, Jochen Theodorou wrote:
> On 01.05.2018 16:26, MG wrote:
>> I think we should do this, for cases where the rewards of adhering to 
>> idiomatic Groovy are less obvious or it might be missed that there 
>> even _is_ an idiomatic Groovy way to do things (I have heard some 
>> people were not aware that array initialization without "as" was 
>> supported in Groovy ;-) ).
>> Any particular thoughts on how to go about adding such warnings ?
> if people care about my position:
> * for me compiler warnings are useless. Either there is a problem, 
> then it is an error, or there is not, then there is no need for a 
> warning. C(++) is really bad here and Java also has a bad tradition on 
> this, that is getting worse. I used to work with gcc for example with 
> -Wall -Werror, which means to turn on most of the warnings and make 
> them errors.
> * code styling is not the task of the compiler
> * I have nothing against an extra tool, that tells people about coding 
> standards and idiomatic ways, as long as it is not part of the 
> compiler itself and I am not forced to use it. I really do not 
> appreciate sonar (nothing against the project really!) for example 
> telling me about the order of modifiers in my java code, just because 
> of some obscure readability aspect ;)
> * and if you really want things to be aligned, do it like Go and make 
> a "code formatter tool" (it really has to be more than that), that 
> changes your code to "idiomatic" usage.
> bye Jochen

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