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From MG <>
Subject traits fields initialization order ?
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2018 20:37:01 GMT

I recently refactored the reflection code of my framework to support 
using traits to share fields. The shared fields are initialized during 
field declaration (i.e. not in a ctor) for user convenience (they 
represent columns in a table). In this particular case, fields needed to 
be passed as parameters to to other field's ctors. In this case the 
problem is, that the fields passed to other fields ctors seem to alwys 
be null. The same code constructs have been working for years when using 
them directly inside a class.


 1.   What is the expected behavior in this case ? Should this work in
    traits ?
 2. If this is not a bug in Groovy: What is the best workaround ? I only
    had very little time to work on this last week, so I used a
    @Memoized helper method whose return value is used in both the field
    initializations - works, but a pretty terrible solution and user
    I just did a quick spike at home using @Lazy on one field: This
    seems to work, but not, if combined with final - so the field could
    be reassigned (which I don't want) unless the framework user
    introduces a shared @Lazy "hidden" private helper field (similar to
    my @Memoized method).
 3. In general: What is the exact order that fields get initialized in
    Groovy - and is this behavior expected to change in the future ?


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