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From Nick <>
Subject Why does Groovy's CliBuilder depend on apache commons-cli, which isn't included in groovy-all?
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2018 15:02:37 GMT

I asked a question on stack overflow, I wonder if anyone here knows the 

To quote it:

 > I've been attempting to use the Groovy CliBuilder, as described here:
 > However, it depends on classes missing from groovy-all-2.4.7, 
specifically those in Apache's commons-cli library.
 > Ok, so I could add that dependency. But I find there is what looks 
like a version of the Apache CliBuilder class bundled in groovy-all in 
the groovyjarjarcommonscli package!
 > Firstly, why bundle that at all?
 > Secondly, why not use it to back Groovy's CliBuilder implementation?
 > Thirdly, can I rely groovyjarjarcommonscli being there for use in the 



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