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From MG <>
Subject Re: Alternative JVM with Groovy (Azul,...) ?
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2018 01:00:28 GMT
On 08.03.2018 15:05, Eric Helgeson wrote:
> PS: Maybe worth reaching out to Azul and asking what tests they did to 
> mention Scala - and to add Groovy there too :D

I don't know why Groovy is so often flying under the radar - maybe to do 
with the fact that it is still not seen as a "full blown language" - 
beats me all the time...

Speaking of Scala, I just saw this when looking up Scala val/var usage 
mentioned in on how to define a Java 
bean compatible Scala class 

class Book {
   @BeanProperty var title:String
   @BeanProperty val isbn:String = "ISBN10"

i.e. what in Groovy is:

class Book {
   String title
   final String isbn = "ISBN10"

If that really is the correct Scala syntax for that use case, it is just 
completely smothering meaningful information under a heap of 
"boilerplate syntax" (I guess the "String" in the second line of the 
example could be dropped, but that does not help much).
That is on top of choosing "var" and "val" as utterly-non-distinct 
keywords... :-)

Not saying Groovy cannot learn something from Scala in some areas, but 
syntax is definitely not one of them (Note: I could have choosen Scala a 
few years back instead of Groovy, but the syntax drove me away - and I 
did not even get as far as @BeanProperty...)

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