On 18.02.2018 13:38, Eric Kinsella wrote:
+1up on Groovy Stars.

"Get a life" ;-)

But seriously, all the people one-upping "Groovy Stars" - consider whether that name really sends the right professional message with regards to Groovy ? I am convinced it does not.
Managers who might decide whether Groovy can be used in a project are typically conservative and sensitive to those things, and they do not normally follow nerd humor... (next suggestion I see coming along the Stars-crossed-line, is to call Paul and Jochen "Groovy All Stars")

As another example, it looks like "Pokemon Stars" on the Nintendo Switch might become a reality:

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 6:13 AM, Daniel Sun <realbluesun@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hi Paul,

     “Groovy Champions” make people associate it with "Java Champions"
easily. As for "Groovy Stars", it is interesting but let me associate "Song
Stars" and "Kungfu Stars" easily... I wish other people would not associate
as I do...

      Similarly, many years ago some one suggested to name current "Grape"
as "Groovy Baby", the latter is interesting but not formal...

      To sum up, +1 to “Groovy Champions”.


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